SHAKE-ASTICK Round music table

SHAKE-ASTICK Round music table


It encourages the child towards creativity and musical expression which also boosts the child’s self confidence, patience, concentration and coordination. The child trains his memory as well as motor and sensory skills, having fun and relaxing in the process.

Music is the art of bringing together sounds from different instruments and voices. A child develops his/her patience by learning music. Music helps the child to relax.



Dimensions: l/h 70×30 cm
The wooden music table is an unique musical, didactical gadget with different instruments, which will entice the child into the world of musical instruments and creating his/her own new rhythms and music. Children are hungry for music. It allows them to develop faster.

The table is endowed with carefully selected musical instruments which are played with different approaches.

It contains the following instruments:

Maracas (folk instrument) is a percussion used in pairs. We shake them and produce a pleasant sound.
Guiro is a percussion which we can hit with our hand or a mallet and get a pleasant sound.
Multi-tone wood block is a percussion which we play by hitting different sized wooden tiles with a circular hand motion on the inside of the instrument.                                                                                                                                                                                      Jingle stick/sleight bell (two versions) the sound is obtained by rotating in both directions.                                                         The handheld drum is a percussion which we play by hitting with our hand or a mallet.
Cabasa is a rhythmic instrument which we sway and spin with our wrist which produces an interesting sound.
The bell on a wooden tile is a percussion played with a mallet.
Musical egg shaker is a rhythmic instrument, which we shake and produce an interesting sound.
Wooden sticks are a rhythmic instrument. We hit one with the other or rub them together.
The tambourine is a percussion which we shake and with which we hit our palms or body.
The bell on a handle is an instrument, which is played in pairs by hitting them together.
The sand board is used in pairs by rubbing them one against the other, producing a sand like sound.



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