PER-CUSSIA Musical board

PER-CUSSIA Musical board


Music is the art of combining voices created by musical instruments or voices. A child develops his patience by learning music. Music helps a child to relax.

The wooden music board is a unique musical, didactic product with various musical instruments, which will attract the child to the world of learning about musical instruments and creating their own new musical rhythms and music. Children are eager for music and music also allows children to develop faster.



100 x 70 cm

An excelent musical product that inspires children. It is an unique and an attractive product with musical instruments for children, which introduces the child into the world of music. It contains mainly the Orrf instruments.

It encourages the child towards creativity and musical expression which also boosts the child’s self confidence, patience, concentration and coordination. The child trains his memory as well as motor and sensory skills, having fun and relaxing in the process.

Instruments contained:

The music board is endowed with carefully selected Orff’s and other instruments which are played with different approaches.

The Xylophone is a percussion, which emits sound by hitting wooden tiles of different dimensions.

The tambourine is a percussion which we shake and with which we hit our palms or body.

Maracas (folk instrument) is a percussion used in pairs. We shake them and produce a pleasant sound.

The 3 tone chime is a musical instrument with metal sticks which we hit with a mallet which produces a pleasant sound.

The Agogo bell is an instrument which we hit with a mallet. Every bell has it’s own tone.

The Triangle is a percussion which we hit with a metal mallet.

The bell on a handle is an instrument, which is played in pairs by hitting them together.

Bells on a rope are played bi hitting them together which produces sound.

The Small flute is an instrument which we blow air into and cover holes on it with our fingers, which changes the tone.

Castanets are a hand held rhythmical instrument which produces sound by hitting the tiles together.

Guiro is a percussion which we can hit with our hand or a mallet and get a pleasant sound.

The small gong is a percussion which we hit with a mallet.

Kalimba is an instrument which we play with our thumbs.

Cabasa is a rhythmic instrument which we sway and spin with our wrist which produces an interesting sound.

Sleight bell (two versions) the sound is obtained by rotating in both directions.

Drum with a handle is played by turning the drum in both directions, while wooden balls hit the drum and produce sound.


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