HAND-BEAT music table

HAND-BEAT music table


The wooden music table is an unique musical, didactical gadget with different instruments, which will entice the child into the world of musical instruments and creating his/her own new rhythms and music.



The table is endowed with carefully selected musical instruments which are played with different approaches.

It contains the following instruments:

Guiro is a percussion which we can hit with our hand or a mallet and get a pleasant sound.
Multi-tone wood block is a percussion which we play by hitting different sized wooden tiles with a circular hand motion on the inside of the instrument.
Bells on a handle produce sound by spinning them in both directions.
Cabasa is a rhythmic instrument which we sway and spin with our wrist which produces an interesting sound.
Wooden sticks are a rhythmic instrument. We hit one with the other or rub them together.
The sand board is used in pairs by rubbing them one against the other, producing a sand like sound.                                      Musical egg shakers is a rhythmic instrument, which we shake and produce an interesting sound.


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