BLUER-BEAT Musical board

BLUER-BEAT Musical board


The Wooden Music Board is a unique musical, teaching didactic tool with different music instruments that will attract your child into the world of musical instruments and creating their own new rhythms and music. Children are eager for music, and it also allows them to develop faster.
It encourages the child to be creative and express his own musical expression while also gaining confidence, patience, concentration and coordination. It harnesses its memory and motor and sensory abilities while also having fun and relaxing.


*Unique music board with different instruments*

Perfect for your musically oriented and creative child. Let your children create and play the music their own way.

*BLUER-BEAT* consist of the following Instruments:

  • XYLOPHONE is a percussion instrument that produces sound by hitting wooden tiles of different dimensions;
  • TAMBOURINE is a percussion instrument that shakes and is hit with your palm or body;
  • 3 TONE CHIME are a musical instrument which the percussionist strikes, i.e. strikes the metal sticks and produces a pleasant sound;
  • TRIANGEl is a percussion instrument that we play with a metal stick;
  • GONG is a instrument we play with stick;
  • AGOGO BELL  is a instrument we play with a stick;
  • KALIMBA is an instrument we play with our thumbs,;
  • BELLS ON A STRING we use it by hitting them together and making a sound;
  • CABASA is a rhythmic instrument, which we rock or rotate with the wrist and thus get an interesting sound.
  • SLEIGHT BELL (two versions) the sound is obtained by rotating in both directions;
  • DOOMRO hand drum which we play by turning the arm in both directions.
  • DRUM we play it with hand or a mallet.

Music board is size l/w 100x70cm / 40×28 inch


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